The 12th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair
April 21 - 25, 2010
Opening Hours
10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Exhibition Hall
Hall A & B, Lobby A & B, Cendrawasih Hall, Plenary Hall, Assembly Hall & Main Lobby
Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta - Indonesia
Hall Area
± 24.080 M2 (gross)
Focuused products
Indonesian Handicraft (Gifts, Housewares & Fashion Product)

Exhibited Products

Gift Item

Ballpoint & Wooden box, Candy jar, Woven blanket throw, Key accessories, Lighter box, Jewelry box, Small photo frame, Cigarette box, Aromatherapy, Stationery item, etc.

Housewares, Home & Garden Decorative
Artificial flower, dried flowers, ceramic flowers vase, candle holder, lighting lamp, wood carving, ornament, craft silver, table cover embroidery, cushion cover, place mate, embroidery bed cover, Wooden furniture, rattan furniture, fiber furniture, coconut furniture, bamboo furniture, garden furniture,A kitchen wares, basket wares, table wares, bathroom wares, carpet, painting, candle, glass item, natural stone, pottery, bird house & accessories, umbrella, wind chime, doormat, garden ornament, plan terrace set, self watering hanging planter, garden bridge, garden statue, etc

Toys & Game
Wooden toys, soft toys, game board, inflatable toys, toys box, footballs, jigsaw puzzles, education games, etc

Gold jewellery, silver jewellery, pearl jewellery, shell jewellery, precious stones, etc

Painting batik, Printing batik, Stamped batik, Silk, etc

Fashion Garment & Embroidery
Fashion embroidery garment, Moslem dress, Indonesian ikats, Indonesian songket, Indonesian ulos, Hand oven fabric, etc

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